Zindagi Zindabaad

Zindagi Zindabaad (2023) – An Action-Packed Biographical Drama


Zindagi Zindabaad is an upcoming film set to release in 2023. This action-packed movie falls under the genres of action, biography, and drama, promising an intriguing storyline that will captivate audiences.

With a runtime of 130 minutes, Zindagi Zindabaad is expected to offer a thrilling cinematic experience. The film revolves around a compelling biographical narrative, delving into the life of its protagonist and exploring their journey through various challenges and triumphs.

  • Focus on redemption: The film is likely to highlight Gurusaria’s journey from addiction to helping others overcome it.
  • Social commentary: The movie might explore the social and personal impact of drug abuse.
  • Inspiration: News articles suggest the film will deliver a message of hope and overcoming challenges.

As an action film, Zindagi Zindabaad is likely to feature intense and adrenaline-pumping sequences that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The combination of action and drama will provide a well-rounded experience, offering not only thrilling moments but also emotional depth.

Biographical dramas have gained popularity in recent years, as they allow viewers to connect with real-life stories and personalities. Zindagi Zindabaad aims to bring forth a captivating tale, shedding light on the life of its central character and the struggles they face.

While specific details about the plot and cast are yet to be revealed, the anticipation for Zindagi Zindabaad is already building. Fans of action-packed films, as well as those intrigued by biographical narratives, can look forward to an engaging and immersive cinematic experience.

As the release date approaches, audiences can expect more information to be unveiled, including trailers, promotional material, and the final cast lineup. Zindagi Zindabaad promises to be a must-watch film that combines action, biography, and drama, delivering a memorable and entertaining experience for moviegoers.

Director: Prem Singh Sidhu
Sukhi Dhillon … dialogue
Mintu Gurusaria … dialogue
Mintu Gurusaria … story
Jassi Jaspreet … dialogue
Ajay k Sharma … dialogue
Prem Singh Sidhu …Screenplay
Prem Singh Sidhu …dialogue

Table of Contents


Ritik Bansal, Gursimran Singh Gill, Gaurav Mittal, Akashdeep Singh,Sumeet Singh,Ashok Yadav


  • Ninja … Mintu Gurusaria
  • Mandy Takhar … Mandeep Kaur
  • Sukhdeep Sukh … Jagga Boxer
  • Sardar Sohi … Gurdial Singh Tanda
  • Yaad Grewal … Mahaveer
  • Rajiv Thakur … Raja
  • Anita Meet … Mintu’s Mother
  • Amrit Amby … Shinda (as Amrit Ambi)

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